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3 Tips to Connect Deeper with your Audience By Showing Respect

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3 Tips to Connect Deeper with your Audience By Showing Respect

bow to themWhether you are presenting or selling in the boardroom or showroom, you can connect deeper with your audience by observing this African philosophy.  “Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu:  “A person is a person because of people.”


Virtuosos bow down to their audiences. Rock stars bow down as a team to their audience, no matter how talented they may be. I believe they all know you can’t perform to yourself and feel the same energy and excitement.


Here are 3 tips to help you connect deeper with your audience by showing them respect.


Tip # 1: Acknowledge Them

You can do this smiling and nodding as you make your way to the stage or pointing to the person waving high at you. Some personalities like Obama say some thing like, “I love you back,” if someone was yelling “I love you.” This connects him deeper to that person, as well as the audience.


You can do something very similar. Perhaps, you can mention the name of some members of the group. It does not have to be the famous ones. Mention the name of some of the behind-the-scene heroes. It tells the audience you do care.


Tip # 2: Bow to Your Audience

If you have just done a major presentation, remember to bow to your audience. It does not have to be as deep as a Japanese bow. When you do this, you send the message to the audience that, you respect them, however talented you may be.


If you are a military person or someone with a military background, you can also give a quick military salute to the audience. Its a smart way to show respect to your audience. This earns you a deeper connection.


Tip # 3: Stroke Their Ego

Tell them, they are a great audience if they are. It strokes their collective ego. It also shows respect and admiration. You ‘d be running yourself into the gully if you inform that they are stooges to their CEO and that you ‘d had a better audience the previous day in Beijing.


By acknowledging, complimenting or stroking their ego, it helps the audience to realise that you do not think too highly of your privilege of the platform to the point of being dismissive about them. With a deeper connection, comes a deeper level communication.