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3 Tips to Overcome Procrastination in a Very Distracting World

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3 Tips to Overcome Procrastination in a Very Distracting World

ditracted somedI often talk about the 3 Invisible fires that burn us everyday. Individually and collectively, these fires undermine our productivity: addictions, distractions and procrastination. Am guilty of all these fires.

How about you?

Much as am guilty, I don’t want to give up on fighting them. I want to go down fighting and throwing punches. So everyday I am reading up new ideas or testing out tools, techniques or strategies to beat the invisible fires that are crippling me.

That is how I ‘ve come to appreciate these 3 Tips below. If you want to be successful in today ‘s distracting and addictive world, you ‘d better master these 3 Tips. It takes time. I am making some progress; so yes, am proud to say, I am a work in progress.

Tip # 1: The Countdown Strategy
On my iPad, I ‘ve installed a countdown clock. Comedian Seinfeld uses a clock. I set the clock at 1-Hour and start working. During that time, I don’t take calls, check email or check out the fridge. Nothing but work.
Interesting, just as I started typing this, a Skype call came in from Canada. A great friend; sorry she has to wait. I ignored it. I focused on writing. Other times it could be rehearsing, proofreading or learning a new crazy IT plugin or widget.

Tip #2: The Destressor Strategy.
Back in 2009 I worked with at-risk teenagers in Reno, Nevada. Young macho teenagers. Often they teased me, Mr G, how many push-ups can you in a stretch? Sometimes, I asked boastfully, “How many you do want?”
To impress them and to save my pride as a former firefighter, I often got down to compete with them and I would go all the way. Each time when I finished I was re-energised to be productive.

Lately, I could not do push-ups. I had to look for something else to up my energy. So far, my harmonica is doing the trick as my de-stressor. When am feeling low or distracted, I stop and play the harm for 5-10 minutes. It recharges me and boosts my focus.

You ‘ve got to find something that re-energises you without undermining your productivity. Am not suggestion you go doing push-ups, gymnastics. No. Consider a guitar, stretches or anything that will boost your energy and focus. You ‘d be surprised how this can give you a new burst of energy to beat a distraction.

Tip # 3: The Double Shot Strategy
By double shot I mean a double shot of cappuccino. It gives me a kick in the heart-pump department. Personally, I don’t like coffee, but in the interest of getting me feeling upbeat at my desk, even at 12 hours of work, that double shot is worth it.

If you are coffee person, go for it. Alternatively find something else like a holics or tea. Sorry, alcohol can’t cut it. Take time to find that one thing that delivers you a little punch of concentration to avoid going on to Youtube.

Take my advice with a pinch of salt. Am not a medical officer and I don’t intend to replace your family doctor. Have fun working and avoid the 3 invisible fires. :-)