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3 Story Frames for Business Proposals & Pitches

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3 Story Frames for Business Proposals & Pitches

Burning Question # 13
How can I use storytelling to strengthen our business proposals or pitches to make them more effective?


I believe you can use storytelling to make effective business proposals and pitches. There are 3 ways you can do this. I refer to them as: the Disruption (Classic), Purpose-Driven and 3TIS Frame.


Frame # 1 Disruption or Classic Story Pitch
It is the classic once upon a time model. It starts with the norm. Things take a turn when a small disruption happens. This generates a complication, and that complication develops into another more grave complication. It all degenerates until a new voice or idea emerges to rescue the situation. Here is the framework.

Once upon a time there was … Every day … One day something unprecedented happened … Because of the unprecedented incident … Another complication ensued… Until finally X came to…


Frame #2 Purpose Driven Story Pitch
A purpose driven pitch stands on one pillar- “purpose.” It starts with a confident and strong self declaration. Then, it states unabashedly that the world is broken in one area and needs urgent fixing. As a result of being fade up with this broken world situation, something new has been created for all to benefit and avoid the pain. Here is an example of this frame-

My name is Steve, I love music but am fed up with the costly way in which music is distributed today. So I created a user-friendly system that makes music more affordable for every one today.


Frame #3 Sharp 3 TIS
This frame starts with 3 Test questions or teases. They serve to draw the listener-in. It goes further to paint a picture, a beautiful picture. You sum it up by stating that it is not about imagination, its about reality and the the product is available.

Did you know …? Did you know… ? Did you know …? Imagine if there was … You don’t have to
imagine it, we’ve created it. In fact…
In conclusion, if you like a narrative style, go for the first frame. Alternatively, if you prefer a no-nonsense style, go for frame # 2 and if you enjoy an interactive approach, then go for frame # 3.


Which of these 3 do you like and why?