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3 Safety Lessons from the Dreamliner Hiatus

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3 Safety Lessons from the Dreamliner Hiatus

It takes a lot of guts to ground part of an air fleet for weeks, without an end in sight. This begs the question, how many other industries would have acted courageously as the aviation authorities. Credit goes to Transportation Safety Authority (TSA) and the airlines.

What lessons can we draw from the preemptive grounding of the Dreamliner? Without doubt decisive leadership, industry culture and regulations played a big part. At the functional and operational levels, there are lessons for HR, and Risk Management.

Lives before Profits
What if this preventive mindset permeates other industries? The world will be a safer place. If that were possible, we ‘ll not read headlines like the fire at a Russian psychiatric hospital, night club fires in Brazil that claim many lives or the recent hotel collapse in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine
By acting in time, the airlines demonstrated their commitment to life safety. Grounding an airline is far better PR than dealing with the heavy baggage and sour reputation or an air crash. No question about that. If you doubt me, ask the former TWA Airlines. It died with a crash!

Foresight Trumps Foresight
What if other organisations could emulate the foresight exercised by TSA and the airlines? Its possible. By regularly scouting the horizons for telltale signs, you can prevent potential incidents by nipping them in the bud.

Given this awareness, what will you do differently tomorrow? Share with me.