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3 Lessons from Broadway Musical Hamilton

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3 Lessons from Broadway Musical Hamilton

HamiltonOne year ago, if you ‘d asked me, who is Alexanda Hamilton,
My reply would have been, “a famous British Formula One Driver.”
Today, if you ask me that question, I ‘d give you a different answer, thanks to the award winning Broadway Musical, Hamilton.
The show has taken America by storm, thanks to Lin Manuel Miranda ’s retelling of an old forgotten story with rap music, and dramatic pulsating action.
It has a rare touch of magic! No wonder it has won every award out there.

Though I ‘ve not watched it live, I ‘ve read countless reviews and seen scores of Youtube clips. Sorry, it is all sold out, don’t go looking for tickets.

It sheds light on the life of Alexanda Hamilton, America ’s first Treasury Secretary, who was an immigrant from the Caribbean. America ’s financial system today owes much to Hamilton ’s genius.

Do you have an old story you wish you could tell?
It could be a personal or a business story. Here are 3 ways to make it shine:

— Retell it story with contemporary metaphors like song, lyrics, rap, instrument.
— Spotlight one unexpected quality like circumstances of birth, place of birth, death, or personal flaw that will endear your main character
— Dramatize to hypnotize and energize with passion some segments of your story to bring it to life.

Thanks to the powerful and forceful retelling of Hamilton, the US government has reversed a decision to remove Hamilton ‘s portrait from the $10 bill.
What old story can you retell to spotlight an issue we have never heard about?