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3 Barriers to Genuine Connection for Entrepreneurs

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3 Barriers to Genuine Connection for Entrepreneurs

connectionWhen it comes to connecting deeply with your followers, there are 3 barriers to connection that entrepreneurs and leaders are often guilty of.  When you give your people the impression that you are superior or special, this disconnects even if they don’t tell you. They stop rooting for you!

By understanding these 3 barriers, you can build stronger bridges of connection. This will enable you to build rapport, without undermining your prestige or status as the leader of the team.  This gives you greater legitimacy and bandwidth to influence, when the need arises.

Barrier # 1: No Airs

Don’t be a prima dona!  Don’t live in a bubble and expect to connect deeply with your employees. Keep it simple.  We are all mortals and you are not any different.  When you have no airs about you, they ‘ll forgive you when you err.

Barrier # 2: Don’t Conceal your  Vulnerability

Everyone has got some flaws. Don’t pretend to be perfect.  You are are not. When you try to conceal your shortcomings, you are implying that they conceal theirs. Not good for business! When you let them know you are genuine and have some flaws,  you ‘d earn their deeper trust.

Barrier #3: Avoid the Band Wagon

The next time you see a big wagon passing by, don’t just jump on it, unless you have had a sense of where this will lead you and your peep. Does it allow you to reach your goals with them? Think before you board, because once on board, disembarking is tricky while your team is watching you.

Do This Today!

Acknowledge a time you were wrong to one of your close collaborators,  and see what will happen.  By being sincere and genuine, he or she will very possibly develop a new admiration for you.  I ‘ve tried it and it opened a new window of communication for me. Drop me a mail on your findings.