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Want to Do Good Work? Do Consumate Work!

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Want to Do Good Work? Do Consumate Work!

I love what Malcom Gladwell calls “Meaningful Work.”  I call it “Consummate Work.” The kind of work that is so consuming, so interesting, you can’t stop working. 

Quite often, I am exhilarated with the work I do. I can’t help. I believe mine is consummate work because I really cherish every moment of it. But I also know not everyone is this fortunate, so if you are still trying to find what you consummately love in the work arena,

Consider checking out my thoughts about this, by downloading a copy of the article, “The Power of Purpose.” Download           If focuses on finding your purpose through resonance. If you like it, share it, if you don’t like it, shred it. 

Either way, I ‘d love to hear from you, if it resonates with you.