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1000 Facebook Friends Milestone: What This Means to Me

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1000 Facebook Friends Milestone: What This Means to Me

having more than 1000 friends on facebook is a milestone to me. thank you all! i could not be more grateful. am not sure what this milestone means to others, but it means a lot for me. here is what it means to me:


to whom much is given, much is expected. i am bound by our friendship to be a better friend and a member of this community of friends. because i do not want to let you down, i know i have carry on earning your trust. that is what friendship means to me. this  is not cheap talk. it is my promise to be a better friend to you.!

it takes a village

this virtual village on facebook is no different from the one that nurtured me as kid in africa. it is the one place where i can go when am having a bad day and see some vibrant talk about things that will cheer me up. 24/7, i have a friend awake in some corner of the village.  i will never walk alone again.

every villager counts

sometimes, i have had comments, ideas, quotes and videos that made my day, thanks to you on facebook. it is hard to tell who is coming up with witty quote, a funny or provocative thought about a current event or some issue that means a lot to me. as we continue, lets strive to be each other ‘s torchbearer.

from new zealand to china, to singapore, to brazil, america, europe united arab emirates, i say to you all in your languages- thank you, merci, gratias, danke, xie xie, teri maka sih, kea la bo gha, me bene wen!